Understanding Mutual Funds

The book is an authoritative reference that covers the new NISM - Series V-A Mutual Fund Distributors Examination (MFD) curriculum. This examination is mandatory for independent distributors and advisors and employees in sales, distribution and customer service functions of mutual funds, banks, broking houses and distribution companies.

Contributing Author(s): Uma Shashikant, Sunita Abraham, Arti Anand Bhargava and Girija Gadre

The book covers all aspects of the Indian Mutual Fund industry with focus on mutual fund products, their structure, portfolios and risk and return features.

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Wealth Management - Basic Level

The Wealth Management book covers the identified range of subjects and topics for the basic Wealth Management Certification Program of CIEL, and is the prescribed reading material for the course. The topics are organized into eleven chapters. Each topic deals with the concepts, application and practical aspects of a subject. A combination of illustrations and exercises are used along with the text to reinforce the subject. Note that the WM Basic Certificate course has to purchased and enrolled seperately.

Author(s): Uma Shashikant, Sunita Abraham

More than 5000 copies of this book have been sold to our clients who have subscribed to the Wealth Management Certification.

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