Classroom Training

Apart from classrooms that are offered along with the e-learning courses and certification programmes, CIEL also offers stand-alone classroom training. These classrooms are organized by clients, who bring together the learners and organise the training logistics. CIEL prepares and delivers the training content. We have delivered more than 100 classroom sessions across 22 locations in India. We have also conducted video-conferences for clients to train their overseas employees.


Subject Areas

CIEL conducts classroom training programmes on the following topics:


Customised Classrooms

  • Macro economic indicators and their interpretation

  • Debt market analytics, products and performance

  • Performance evaluation of mutual fund products

  • Equity valuation and analysis

  • Asset allocation concepts and practice

  • Mutual fund investments for the corporate treasury

  • Derivatives and structured products

  • Alternate investment products

  • Fund accounting and valuation for mutual funds

  • Estate planning for investment advisors


The classroom enables a higher level of interaction and is suitable for bringing ideas to an evolved audience capable of participating in a discussion.


Customised Classrooms

CIEL conducts training programmes that are customized for clients by using their products and processes. These trainings cover the following areas:


  • Mutual fund product positioning and competitive mapping

  • Operational processes and accounting in mutual funds

  • Customer service and operations for mutual funds

  • Mid and back office operations for mutual funds


CIEL’s programs are supported by well-researched, updated content. Case studies, scenarios for discussions and quizzes are used to keep the level of interaction high in the classroom.

The classroom enables a higher level of interaction and is suitable for bringing ideas to an evolved audience capable of participating in a discussion


Our trainers are highly experienced professionals from the financial services industry. We believe in teaching excellence and our instructors share the following qualities:


  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of the subject

  • Extensive experience - enabling them to teach in the context of how a concept is applied in industry & market - leading to better understanding, application and recall

  • Good communication skills

  • Flair for teaching


Blended Training

Blended training is an organized learning activity that combines e-Learning with traditional classroom delivery. CIEL offers a combination of e-learning and classroom intervention to clients where the solution to a client’s training need so demands.

Blended training is a suitable model where concepts are imparted through the e-learning module while the application and practical aspects are discussed in the classroom. 

 Examples of blended training include workshops, courses or learning programmes that use:

  • e-Learning modules with classroom interevention at defined milestones

  • E-mail or online forums to continue the discussion outside of the classroom

  • Alternating face-to-face meetings and conference calls

  • Live video conferencing broadcasts to multiple sites

  • Email reminders, quizzes to follow up on the content of a training program



Blended Training Value Proposition

  • Lower cost than 100% face-to-face training

  • Leverage internal technology capabilities

  • Greater convenience and flexibility for busy adult learners

  • Broader application to different learning styles and capabilities.