CIEL conducts the following classroom training programmes for corporates or as open programmes as per calendar announced from time to time.
To create a customised programme for a group email us at

Macro Economic Policy and Implications (4 hours)

-          Fiscal policy and budget documents

-          Monetary policy review and statistics

-          Currency policy and CAD

-          Analysing the numbers and understanding implications for investments

Essentials of Estate Planning  (4 hours)

-          Risks of Intestate wealth and succession laws

-          Nominations, gifts, HUFs and Family settlements

-          Wills and Trusts  - processes and taxation

Financial Statement Analysis (Workshop Format – 3 to 4 hours)

  •         Using a templatised framework for analysis a real-life financial statement will be taken up for analysis and interpretation.
  • The class will work in groups.

Yield Curve Analytics for Debt Product Choice – (3 hours)

-          Analysing and interpreting yields and spreads

-          Accrual and duration components of return across various yield scenarios

-          Return expectations and risk under alternate scenarios

-          Understanding differences in debt fund performance

Derivatives and Structured Products  (3 hours)

-          Commonly used derivative strategies and pay offs

-          Collars, covered call and put, long strangle and straddle

-          Interpreting return, risk, market view and pricing based on underlying strategy

-          Client suitability assessment of structured products

Tax Aspects in Wealth Management (3 hours)

-          Taxation of income: differences in structures, deductions and tax incidence

-          Tax processes  - TDS, refunds, set-off, tax audit, returns, penalties and enquiries

-          Tax planning aspects in wealth management, including capital gains and wealth taxes

Fund performance comparison and selection (3 hours)

-          Categorising funds and choosing peer groups

-          Rolling returns, common-sizing, excess returns and upside and downside risks

-          Comparing and ranking based on performance indicators

-          Testing Qualitative aspects with numbers – size, manager, age, and consistency

Consolidated Financial Plan in one Page – (4 hours) (workshop format)

-          Client assets, allocation and evaluation

-          Income, cash flows and surplus

-          Financial goals – posting, priority and funding

-          Consolidated financial plan

-          Review, monitoring and rebalancing

Asset allocation and Portfolio Construction (3 hours)

-          Risk, return and asset allocation

-          Return needs, risk preference and construction

-          Portfolio optimization  and rebalancing techniques

-          Exercises in asset allocation and tactical rebalancing

Debt markets and Analytics (4 hours)

-          Price, yield, and yield curve

-          Duration and its applications

-          Short and long term debt markets

-          Debt funds and their positioning

-          Performance and suitability of debt funds across market cycles

Macro Economics Made Easy (4 hours)

-          GDP and its components

-          Aggregate demand

-          Inflation and interest rates

-          Money supply and liquidity

-          External account and indicators

Derivative Strategies (4 hours)

-          Market structure and indicators

-          Option strategies and applications

-          Futures positions for hedging and speculation

-          Structured products and techniques

Getting started with personal finance (4 hours)

-          Classroom for beginners and first time income earners to understand the principles of personal finance and the basics of financial products.

-          The programme covers deposits, insurance, loans, cerdit cards, providend fund, equity, mutual funds and taxation