NISM MFD Examination

NISM MFD Examination

CIEL offers learning solutions for the NISM-Series V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination. This certification is mandatory for persons engaged in the distribution of mutual fund products. The examination may also be taken by persons for revalidating or renewing their AMFI certificate which was issued earlier with a validity period of five years. It  may also taken by students and others seeking employment in the BFSI space.

We offer the following elements of training for the NISM MFD exam:


Reading Material

Understanding Mutual Funds is a book published by CIEL to be used as the preparatory text for the NISM MFD exam. This book covers the prescribed curriculum in a learner-friendly way and includes exercises and focused key points to re-enforce concepts.

The book has been written by Uma Shashikant along with Sunita Abraham, Arti Anand Bhargava and Girija Gadre. The book is available at a price of Rs 200 and can be ordered online. Click here to buy now.


Online Learning Module

CIEL offers an online learning module, with a detailed study plan, for the NISM MFD examination. The module offers the following:



The online package is available at a price of Rs 850. Click here to Enrol now.

The following combination of the above are also available :

Book + Online Module (Rs 1000)

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