About the Certification

The certification course in Wealth Management provides a framework to understand the concepts related to wealth management and contextualize them to actual practice.

The wealth management certification incorporates all the elements necessary to provide participants with essential knowledge and relevant skills to become trusted advisors.

The certification progam is defined as a study plan including printed study material, on-line learning tools, classroom training,quizzes and exams.  The certificate is awarded to candidates who pass the exam after completing the study plan.  CIEL’s standard passing score is 65%, though some of our clients have enhanced this cut-off to 70% for their teams.

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The CIEL Advantage

WM advantage imageThe certification course has been created by a team of professionals who combine market and industry experience along with academic qualifications. The course content is is based on a competency mapping exercise to ensure that the concepts and applications are practically relevant and conceptually rigourous.The course has been vetted by the industry and its approval is indicated by the large number of practicing wealth managers who have undergone the course. See our client list.



The Wealth Management Certification certification combines  conceptual rigour with practical application.

Levels of Certification

CIEL offers the Wealth Management Certification at three levels


  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

The basic level certification is targeted at beginners in the wealth management profession.  We currently offer the course to relationship managers and beginners in the financial advisory business as an accreditation programme.

The intermediate level certification is targeted at advisors and relationship managers with at least three years of work experience and plan to move to advising larger and higher value clients.

The advanced level certification is offered to private bankers who require a deeper understanding of wealth management strategies and products.

The coverage and focus of the course and its approach is different at each level and grows in complexity and intensity.


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