About the Certification

About the Certification

The CPWM certification is designed to develop and nurture a cadre of qualified private wealth managers. The objective of the program is to fill up an important gap in private wealth management where professional portfolio construction for clients, based on a top down approach that focuses on asset allocation.Technical knowledge of macroeconomic cycles, market dynamics, risk-return trade off and asset allocation is imperative to ensure that the private wealth managers are able to build wealth for investors, through a robust process that links financial assets and financial goals.CPWM is an intensive program that has the power to qualitatively alter financial advice and its practice, by bringing in a robust knowledge framework for the profession.


CIEL's wealth management certifications have been offered since 2007 to professionals employed in investment advice, relationship management, wealth advice and private banking roles, and have now been integrated into the Certified Private Wealth Managers (CPWM) and Accredited Wealth Planner (AWP) programs.

Target Audience

  1. Those already working in the wealth management or financial planning industry, may acquire this additional knowledge to enhance their professional capabilities to enhance the quality of engagement with colleagues, clients, and the employer.

  1. Those aspiring to specialise in private wealth management gain the knowledge needed for a success in this field and signal the seriousness of their intentions.

  1. Students planning to enter the Private Banking or Private Wealth Management profession, CPWM is an excellent way to acquire specialised knowledge and ability to perform with the required technical knowledge on their job.


The CPWM certification includes the following elements:

  1. Workbook covering the complete curriculum in detail.

  2. Online pdfs organized module-wise  

  3. Case study quiz

  4. Final supervised online examination at an NSE IT centre

  5. Classroom sessions with training partners (optional)

Candidates who fulfil all the learning requirements for the course, and clear the final examination will be issued the Certified Private Wealth Manager certificate.

CPWM workbook

Key Facts

  1. The registration for CPWM is valid for 2 years from the date of activation.

  2. The CPWM program has a 2-hour exam. The exam would be in 2 parts- Part A and Part B. Part A would be for one hour which would comprise of multiple choice questions and Part B would be caselet based questions. Both parts would be for 100 marks each. There would be no negative marking.

  3. The pass mark is 60%.The CPWM™ exams will be held on a quarterly basis on the first Sunday of  March, June, September and December, at NSE-IT Test centres.

  4. The CPWM course curriculum is designed to enable a candidate to develop conceptual and practical knowledge in asset class performance across various asset classes, portfolio construction and tactical rebalancing using macro-economic policy indicators. Candidates are advised to allocate approximately 100 hours to prepare for the exam. Depending on the method used (formal training or self study) and the amount of industry experience already accrued, some candidates may need more or less time.



To register for the certification, email us at info@ciel.co.in