Case Study

Case Study

Client Need:

The client had a continuous recruitment process which brought in employees at different times of the year, with varying knowledge levels. It was difficult to impart effective training for small groups spread over various locations to bring them up to a common denominator on knowledge and skills required for the job.


The CIEL Solution:

CIEL undertook a study of the profile of the new employees that were being recruited and mapped it to the demands of the roles they were assigned to identify the essential competencies and understanding that was required. Based on this, an e-learning course was designed and offered to the new employees as and when they joined as part of their induction program. The program had to be completed within a defined time frame and a study plan enabled practice, review and a final examination. This ensured that the gap between the demands of the job and the ability of the employees to meet them was filled to a large extent within a few weeks of joining.

Rigorous induction and on-boarding training in identified functional areas, for new joinees, including training, tests and detailed MIS, ranking, performance and  analytical reporting  was the CIEL solution that met the client’s need


The non-productive downtime, or the time between when new employees are brought in and when they began to contribute positively in their roles, came down. An analysis of the performance in the exam provided by CIEL enabled the client to identify areas of intervention for the future.