Wealth Management Certification Content Outline

Risk, Return and Asset Allocation

  • Measuring and using return

  • Measuring and managing risk

  • Diversification and asset classes

  • Asset allocation process and strategies

Equity Markets

  • Market structure and participants

  • Equity products :Mutual funds, Portfolio management services and private equity

  • Fundamental analysis and valuation models

  • Technical analysis

Debt Markets

  • Debt market analytics

  • Debt market participants and instruments

  • Debt funds: Features, valuation and performance

  • Direct debt products

Derivative Products

  • Futures, forwards and options

  • Market structure

  • Pricing and Valuation

  • Derivative strategies and their applications

  • Investment products : Arbitrage funds, structured products

Evaluation of Portfolio Performance Evaluation

  • Measuring excess return and risk

  • Risk adjusted return

  • Performance ratios and qualitative factors


  • Insurance concepts

  • Product features and differentiation

  • Process aspects

  • Product Performance

Alternative Investments

  • Commodities

  • International markets

  • Private Equity

  • Real estate investments

  • Art

Financial Planning

  • Concepts of Financial Planning

  • Personal finance ratios and analysis

  • Wealth pyramid and planning needs

  • Strategies in financial planning

  • Retirement and insurance planning

  • Tax aspects and estate planning

Process Aspects (only for basic level)

  • Regulatory requirements for financial products

  • Tax aspects and implications

  • Investor documentation

  • Banking processes

  • Transaction types and processes

  • Systematic transactions

  • NFTs: Nomination, PoA, and profile changes

Note:The outline given above is indicative. Actual content for each level varies based on the functional competence mapping for the given level.