Online Quizzes

Online Quizzes

CIEL has a proprietary web-based quiz portal which is used to offer various on-line quizzes. 


Online Quizzes

Practice Quiz

Quizzes are used as part of the study plan for a e-learning course, to enable learners to test their progress. These quizzes come with review and reinforcement inputs, that enable identifying areas of weakness in preparing for the final examination.


Case Study Quiz

Case study quizzes are used to test the application of concepts learnt in a course.  Cases are uploaded to a study plan and an online quiz is administered to evaluate the proficiency of learners.


Market Quiz

Market quizzes are used as an ongoing skill upgradation tool, offered to test whether a learner group is keeping itself updated on developments in the identified functional areas. This monthly quiz is offered on the first friday of every month, and covers the events of the previous month. This service is available on subscription basis.


Product and Process Quiz

Product and process quizzes are custom developed for clients when they have to introduce a new product or process and wish to test whether their team is well versed with the various aspects of the product or process.

All quizzes use randomization to enable robust testing, are evaluated, analysed and reported for learner performance.  Learners are also able to review and evaluate their answers with the correct answers after the quiz is completed.

Online quizzes are efficient tools for a quick review of a topic or to test the understanding of a subject.