Online Learning

Online Learning

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The e-learning courses of CIEL are offered in areas covering financial concepts, securities markets, processes, products and analytics. They are accessible on CIEL’s learning portal through the internet.


The online module takes the learner to a course, divided into modules and topics. Each topic is explained with the help of examples, case studies, insights and exercises. 


The course is offered for a specified time period sufficient to cover the topics thoroughly. During this period, the learner can access the course at anytime using the unique login id and password assigned. The learner can post queries on any aspect related to the course which will be answered by the subject matter experts at CIEL.

E-Learning courses enable convenient self-paced study without limitation on place or time of learning

Study Plan

Each course features a study plan that includes e-learning courses, practice quizzes, case studies and a final exam to test the proficiency levels achieved by the learner. At each stage of learning, the quizzes are used to assess the progress made by learners.


CIEL relies on quiz scores and case study quiz responses to gauge and report learner progress, in a significant and robust departure from traditional tracking of ‘course completion status’ in a learning management system.