Nurturing Financial Advisors - Part 1 - Defining their Role and Revenue Model

Posted by: Uma Shashikant on Thu, May 3rd, 2012

A financial advisor  provides strategic and tactical advice to a household to manage its balance sheet efficiently. This function cannot be oversimplified to mean distribution of financial products, financial planning or risk profiling. The distinction between the advisor and the distributing agent is critical to avoid malpractices in the mutual fund distribution space.  Read more

SEBI Circular on Time-frame for CPE Completion

Posted by: Uma Shashikant on Thu, Jul 1st, 2010

SEBI has clarified in a circular dated June 24, 2010 that all those who have to undergo the mandatory certification for mutual fund distribution should complete the NISM's CPE program before the expiry date of the certificate Read more