Train the Trainer Workshop

Posted by: Uma Shashikant on Sat, Jul 17th, 2010

We called 12 of our all-India trainers who have been associated with us for a workshop at Mumbai on July 6, 2010. The objective was to take them through the training content for the new NISM-MFD examination and the NISM- CPE training programme. Read more

Credit for Content

Posted by: Uma Shashikant on Thu, Jul 1st, 2010

It is a strange world that content writers inhabit. While authors are placed on the cover of books and journalists given bylines for their writing, content writers seldom get the credit for what they do. Printing and production costs are seen as variable, while content is mostly treated as a fixed cost, measured in man-hours and 'bought' from the authors.  Royalties are tough to get and acknowledgements if any, are lost inside the inside pages. In the e-learning business, the claimants to content are so many, that the SMEs and IDs are mostly anonymous. At CIEL, we strongly protest this regime and have refused 'prestigious' assignments that asked us to write anonymous content.  In several instances, these pieces of writing have been branded by the buyer, sold at a profit, or distributed widely without the authors being mentioned.  Read more